We’re improving the way readers discover books from small and large publishing houses alike

Readerly is a new book discovery platform designed to support authors by offering unbiased recommendations from both small and large houses, and increasing the author's share on every book we sell. Our software relies solely on reader preferences to make recommendations, allowing every book to find the right audience.

Visibility for a wide range of voices

Our recommendations will support new and undiscovered writers and bring books for underserved audiences to prominence. Because we aren’t influenced by marketing spend and general popularity, we’re able to recommend a highly diverse and comprehensive range of voices.

Financial support for authors

We aim to support the ongoing writing careers of authors by sharing 20% of our profit on every book sale (about $1 per book) directly with reigsterd authors. Registering is free and easy, and whenever they sign up, we'll pay out the previous 12 months of earnings.

A fair & relevant rating system

The 5-star rating system doesn’t account for individual tastes. Instead of showing average ratings, we'll let readers know what people with similar tastes thought of each book to help inform their decisions about what they read. We'll also block trolling and fake reviews, and enable authors to ask reviewers a qualifying question to ensure they’ve read the books they review.

A new way to connect with readers

We support beautifully designed author pages in the app and on our website where authors can promote their work, share upcoming events, and host live readings and discussions. We invite publishers and authors to share videos and supportive materials via our template pages. We'll also host online conversations and interactions.