It's time for a fresh recommendation

We were done searching for books on sites that favor popularity and profit over genuine choice. So we created the first ethically built recommendation engine, designed to help you discover truly interesting reads.


A better way to find books

A tailored experience

You tell us what you like (and don’t like) to read and we build you a personal recommendation engine powered by like-minded readers.

Ethical AI

Unlike other sites that favor popularity and profit over genuine choice, Readerly puts books from new writers, small publishers, and underrepresented voices on a level playing field with best sellers.

Relevant ratings

The 5-star rating system doesn't account for your unique tastes. Instead of general ratings, we show you what like-minded readers thought of a book.

Consise, helpful reviews

Readers leave digestible 200-character reviews, or Gists, ordered by relevance to you. No unhelpful opinions or spoilers—just the info you need to make your choice.

Not another social network

We're private by default so you can explore, save, and organize your books, sharing and connecting with other readers only when you want to.